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[software]Derivator - http://ai-intel.com/
The program calculates the derivatives of functions, step by step, and can save and print results.
Keywords: Derivator; Business; Calculation; Generic calculators
Downloads: 111
[software]CYCAS - http://www.cycas.de
This architectural tool is for drafting and designing in two and three dimensions. In addition to typical CAD functions, this offers special elements and techniques for architectural design.
Keywords: CYCAS; Business; Calculation; CAD; cycas
Downloads: 123
[software]ModelPress - http://www.infograph.com/
This software provides a mechanism for publishing 3D files to a Web-ready format, as well as a flexible, visualization application that can be embedded in other desktop applications or in Web pages for Web delivery and viewing. ModelPress Publisher reads native 3D CAD model files including SolidWorks 2003, Inventor 7 and Autodesk AutoCAD. Use Publisher to compresses the model assembly, creating a secure, non-editable ISF file that is viewable by the ModelPress Viewer...
Keywords: ModelPress; Business; Calculation; CAD; ModelPress
Downloads: 152
[software]RBSection - http://www.sdceng.com/software.html
This software is for the design of reduced beam section connections. A specific type of connection used in steel moment frames. The software is based on the requirements of FEMA 350, and it is to be used for single-bay moment frames.
Keywords: RBSection; Business; Calculation; Material calculators; RBSection
Downloads: 48
[software]WetRO - http://www.kcesco.com
This engineering calculator can output to your screen and to your printer. It has tabulated input format and the output is tabulated in FDOT format. Circular and elliptical pipe is supported and it has a tabulated pipe input format. Rainfall Intensity by state and county, FDOT Rainfall Intensity Zones, or user input curves. It calculates hydraulic grade line, hydraulic gradient, pipe slope, velocities and capacities...
Keywords: WetRO; Business; Calculation; Miscellaneous calculators; WetROv2
Downloads: 121
[software]CalcExpress - http://www.calcexpress.com
With this tool, you specify icons in the tray and the corresponding math formulas for each icon. This creates a simple dialog that asks you for parameters and computes the results. You can specify the background and the button style of all dialogs. There are five backgrounds and button styles to choose from. You can add as many backgrounds and button styles as you like. You can enter a range if you'd like to know how the results change on variations of one parameter...
Keywords: CalcExpress; Business; Calculation; Scientific calculators; CalcExpress
Downloads: 62
[software]EasyCalc - http://http://www.pointsoftware.net/easycalc.php
This is a 16-digit calculator with up to 6 digits of precision. It offers scientific functions plus a formula evaluator for arithmetic operators. 10 memory levels are provided to store figures. You can view a history of your calculations and calculate EMIs.
Keywords: EasyCalc; Business; Calculation; Scientific calculators; EasyCalc
Downloads: 34
[software]SkinCalc - http://www.skincalc.com
This utility provides standard and advanced calculator operations, a spreadsheet interface and skins. The skins allow you to change the layout and functionality of the software, with effects that include non-rectangular shapes, user-configurable transparency and alpha channel translucency.
Keywords: SkinCalc; Business; Calculation; Generic calculators; SkinCalc
Downloads: 50
[software]FormulaPro - http://www.controles.narod.ru/FormulaPro.html
This is a calculator. Formulas can be divided into separate tables, according to the logical structure of a problem.
Keywords: FormulaPro; Business; Calculation; Generic calculators; FormulaPro
Downloads: 47
[software]CircleTool - http://homepage.ntlworld.com/elizabeth.jarrett1/index.htm
Calculates various functions related to circles.
Keywords: CircleTool; Business; Calculation; Generic calculators; CircleTool
Downloads: 57 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[software]GetData - http://getdata.com.ru
This is a program for digitizing X-Y graphs and maps. Digitizing can be performed both in automatic and manual modes. Supported graphics formats include TIFF, JPEG, BMP and PCX. The program includes a function for saving current workspace, which allows to return to unfinished work at any time. Data is exported to TXT, XLS, XML, DXF and EPS formats.
Keywords: GetData; Business; Calculation; Graphs; getdata; get data
Downloads: 88
[software]MadAdder - http://www.themadadder.com
This calculator displays text on any row of the virtual adding machine tape, and it can print the tape in a column format. It has several male and female voices for input and calling back. It can play the sound of several different classic electric and electronic calculators during input, for those who like to hear the rhythm of the machine. The user can change the color scheme of the interface. The program also includes a utility for converting measurements between the U.S., imperial and metric...
Keywords: MadAdder; Business; Calculation; Generic calculators; madaddeer
Downloads: 31
[software]CruiseCalc - http://www.cruisecalc.com
This program calculates cord and board foot volume totals based on tallies collected in the field. It was developed with the assistance of foresters and was designed around methods that cruisers have been using for many years.
Keywords: CruiseCalc; Business; Calculation; Miscellaneous calculators; CruiseCalc
Downloads: 18
[software]SuperCalc - http://dragonempire.com/DE/default.asp?Page=SuperCalc.html
This calculator includes an expression evaluator that allows you to enter entire equations rather than one operation at a time as on normal calculators. It also has a variable stack that lets you assign values to variables for use later. Commonly used equations can also be stored later use.
Keywords: SuperCalc; Business; Calculation; Generic calculators; super calc
Downloads: 119
[software]GIPALS - http://www.optimalon.com
This is 32-bit Windows linear programming software incorporating a solver and user-friendly interface to input, import, export and solve linear programs. It uses primal-dual interior point method (Mehrotra predictor-corrector) to solve a linear program consisting of maximum 500,000 variables and constraints. The program can find the solution of any linear program or state that the linear program does not have a solution...
Keywords: GIPALS; Business; Calculation; Scientific calculators; GIPALS
Downloads: 48
[software]PractiCalc - http://www.practicalc.com
This calculator provides a range of user options, built-in functions, conversion operations and screens, user-defined formulas, dynamic real-time calculations and display formats. You can use the calculator as a simple four function calculator replacement, or for scientific and engineering operations and sophisticated expression building. The conversion screen can be used in either stand-alone mode, or you can use it to integrate conversion functions into your equations...
Keywords: PractiCalc; Business; Calculation; Scientific calculators; PractiCalc
Downloads: 62
[software]DraftSurvey Pro - http://www.galleyradio.com/downloads/draftsurvey
This is a draft survey calculation program for Merchant Navy officers and Marine surveyors. It complies with the latest UN ECE standards for draft surveying.
Keywords: DraftSurvey Pro; Business; Calculation; Miscellaneous calculators; DraftSurvey
Downloads: 163
[software]Maxim - http://www.dhden.plus.com/prod_maxim.html
This application is designed to assist in financial calculations for cashflow, internal rate of return, present value and overdraft rate.
Keywords: Maxim; Business; Calculation; Financial calculators; Maxim
Downloads: 164
[software]Accum - http://www.2goodsoftware.com
This adding machine supports linked subtotals and values that are automatically updated. It performs calculations for annuities, loans and depreciation. Features include an editable tape, tape captions and notes, the ability to save tapes to disk, and collapse mode.
Keywords: Accum; Business; Calculation; Generic calculators; Accum
Downloads: 21
[software]Calculation Skills Volume 1 - http://www.core-learning.com
This program contains helpful calculation information like how to add, an addition table, how to subtract, a subtraction table, a take-away-from-10-or-9 table, money and decimals, and a change-from-$1.00 table. This four-volume series builds fundamental calculation competence with four core arithmetic operations.
Keywords: Calculation Skills Volume 1; Business; Education and reference; Math; Calculation Skills Volume 1
Downloads: 28
[software]Moffsoft FreeCalc - http://www.moffsoft.com
This calculator has a printable and savable transaction tape, sizeable display, tray icon, digit groupings, color schemes, double and triple zero keys, visible memory value and an always-on-top setting.
Keywords: Moffsoft FreeCalc; Business; Calculation; Generic calculators; Moffsoft FreeCalc
Downloads: 47
[software]Depreciation 4562 - http://www.MicroTechWare.com
This program calculates and completes form 4562 -- federal tax depreciation. An unlimited number of companies and clients can be maintained. All depreciation and amortization methods required for federal tax reporting are included, and the online help details methods and tax requirements. The program can also calculate luxury automobile depreciation, track section 179 deductions and limits, determine the 30 or 50-percent special depreciation bonus, and check to see if mid-quarter convention is r...
Keywords: Depreciation 4562; Business; Calculation; Loan calculators; Depreciation 4562
Downloads: 46
[software]Loan Calc - http://www.maxprog.com/LoanCalc.html
This tool calculates loan and mortgage repayment amounts, monthly and total interest, and total repayments and generates a full repayment list from a start date. It is currency-independent and lets you select both period and interest compounding from continuous (compounding only), weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually. You can save all the repayment lists to a text file or an Excel sheet.
Keywords: Loan Calc; Business; Calculation; Loan calculators; Loan Calc
Downloads: 142
[software]Quick Conversion - http://qikconv.breaktru.com
This is a tool that converts several units of length, weight and capacity measures. By typing a number into the box provided, it will instantly display the results without the user having to search through a menu of choices.
Keywords: Quick Conversion; Business; Calculation; Unit conversion; Quick Conversion
Downloads: 36
[software]fnA - http://www.rjsoftware.com/FNA/
This is a multi-function scientific calculator, unit conversion utility and reference tool. It has four modes of operation and support for complex calculations. The program also includes a periodic table of the elements.
Keywords: fnA; Business; Calculation; Scientific calculators; f n a
Downloads: 37
[software]Inplace Calculator - http://www.inplacecalc.com
The calculator supports basic mathematic operations as well as those available in engineering calculators, including evolution, involution, exponential calculation, computation of logarithms, and trigonometric functions. It also includes an expression evaluator to simplify evaluation of complex algebraic expressions. A precise measurement unit and currency converter allow you to convert 120+ measurement units as well as 150+ currencies using the latest exchange rates...
Keywords: Inplace Calculator; Business; Calculation; Scientific calculators; inplacecalculator; inplace calculator
Downloads: 73
[software]Ultimate Date Calculator - http://www.datecalculator.com
This is an industrial-strength date calculator designed by a lawyer for commercial, government and professional environments, but it is also suitable for home use. Calculations are stored to disk and there are alternate report formats, including paper, Web page, RTF, CSV and SYLK files. It stores multiple calculations in tables for output to a single report. It has tabs and wizards to navigate each calculation...
Keywords: Ultimate Date Calculator; Business; Calculation; Miscellaneous calculators; Ultimate Date Calculator
Downloads: 109
[software]CalcPac RPN - http://www.systemessentials.com
This is a financial calculator that includes over 120 functions, is fully programmable, and has a printable tape. All programs and tapes can be stored and recalled for later use. This calculator can import and export data and cash flow information from popular desktop applications like Microsoft Excel, generate amortization and depreciation schedules, and can generate graphics that can be transferred to other applications like Microsoft Word...
Keywords: CalcPac RPN; Business; Calculation; Financial calculators; CalcPac RPN
Downloads: 45
[software]Mini Calculator - http://www.hot.ee/microtools4u/
This is an alternative Windows calculator with two views, general functions, and dec-hex-oct-bin integers.
Keywords: Mini Calculator; Business; Calculation; Generic calculators; Mini Calculator; mini; calculator
Downloads: 53
[software]Converter Pro - http://www.issd.co.uk
This unit-coversion utility has 48 different units.
Keywords: Converter Pro; Business; Calculation; Unit conversion; converterpro; converter pro
Downloads: 44
[software]Interest(ing) Calculator - http://www.geocities.com/rathinagiri_s/
This program calculates any one variable, if you know the other three variables. Variables are: principal, interest rate, term and installment.
Keywords: Interest(ing) Calculator; Business; Calculation; Loan calculators; Interest(ing) Calculator
Downloads: 63
[software]AdviceCalculator - http://www.jrksoftware.com/advcalc/
This is a suite of financial calculators and tools. The calculators are designed to help you make financial decisions without requiring you to have extensive knowledge of finance or computers.
Keywords: AdviceCalculator; Business; Calculation; Financial calculators; AdviceCalculator; Advice; Calculator
Downloads: 40
[software]DeadLine - http://deadline.3x.ro
This program offers visual indications about the number of roots of an equation and a very precise estimation of those roots. It solves equations and displays the graph of the function and a list of the real roots of the equation. It also includes an option to evaluate the function and its derivative. You can save the results provided by DeadLine and even create projects for future use.
Keywords: DeadLine; Business; Calculation; Graphs; deadlines; deadline; dead line; dead lines
Downloads: 22
[software]Ace Currency Calculator - http://www.currencyworld.biz
This program retrieves currency rates for more than 150 world currencies, both hard and soft, accepted in 219 countries and territories. The currency exchange rates are determined at the close of the trading sessions and are updated daily.
Keywords: Ace Currency Calculator; Business; Calculation; Currency conversion; Ace Currency Calculator
Downloads: 81
[software]Loan*Calculator! Plus - http://www.pine-grove.com/Loan%20Calculator%20Plus/
This is a collection of seven financial calculators. It handles loans, accelerated payments, balloon payments, amortization schedules and interest.
Keywords: Loan*Calculator! Plus; Business; Calculation; Loan calculators; Loan Calculator Plus
Downloads: 73
[software]APSW Instant Converter - http://www.allpurposesoftware.com/instant_converter.htm
This program converts units including time, length, area, volume, heat, weight, angles, time zones, power and energy.
Keywords: APSW Instant Converter; Business; Calculation; Unit conversion; APSW Instant Converter
Downloads: 61
[software]LoanExpert Plus - http://www.wakefieldsoft.com/loanexpert/
This mortgage calculator and analysis tool lets you calculate interest rate, price, down payment and loan length. Scenarios can be saved for loan comparisons. Create and print amortization tables. You can determine how much you can afford before borrowing and see how interest rates will affect your payments. Compare how changing the down payment can impact your expense. Include taxes and insurance in the payment amount to see how much interest you will pay over the life of the loan...
Keywords: LoanExpert Plus; Business; Calculation; Loan calculators; LoanExpert Plus
Downloads: 44
[software]ME Weights - http://mrainey.freeservers.com
This program calculates the volume and weight of any combination of twenty shapes and a large variety of materials commonly used in manufacturing and construction. The program can optionally calculate the volume and weight of an assembly of diverse shapes and materials. Shapes may be defined as solids or cavities. A detailed summary of the assembly data can be viewed, printed, or saved in CSV format.
Keywords: ME Weights; Business; Calculation; Material calculators; ME Weights
Downloads: 51
[software]Conversion Calculator - http://www.awitness.org/software/convcalc/conversion_calculator.html
This calculator converts values between different systems of measurement. The current version supports about 1,200 conversions.
Keywords: Conversion Calculator; Business; Calculation; Unit conversion; Conversion Calculator
Downloads: 78
[software]Precision Image Digitizer - http://www.elegantpie.com/pid.html
Trace and record the coordinates of your selected points in a JPG, GIF or BMP. Point and click on the points in the image that you would like to record. The coordinates are displayed on the screen as you click them and they can then be exported to an ASCII text file, exported to an AutoCad DXF file, or printed. These files can then be imported into any other program capable of reading in text files or DXF files...
Keywords: Precision Image Digitizer; Business; Calculation; CAD; Precision Image Digitizer
Downloads: 143
[software]Simple Conversion Tools - http://www.simlogic.net
Tools for conversions and calculations including length, mass, area, volume, and single or multiple unit conversions between English and Metric systems. It also includes a customizable visual moon phase calendar and clocks with selectable time zone, visual date calculation with definable hours per day and associated hour rates, and DEC, HEX, OCT, and Binary calculators with constant list and base conversion.
Keywords: Simple Conversion Tools; Business; Calculation; Unit conversion; Simple Conversion Tools
Downloads: 57
[software]Flow Pro - http://www.prosoftapps.com/flowpro.htm
This program provides civil engineers and hydrologists with a tool for designing or analyzing open-channel waterways, including culverts, irrigation channels, sluiceways and flumes. Using the industry-standard Manning's equation and numerical integration, it computes water-surface profiles, sub-critical or supercritical flow regimes, and channel depths.
Keywords: Flow Pro; Business; Calculation; Miscellaneous calculators; Flow Pro
Downloads: 170
[software]RasterVect - http://www.rastervect.com
This program can transform raster images into a vector format. There is TWAIN support for importing from scanners, and there are viewing tools like zooming, scrolling and color selection. It even has mask operations. The target vector formats, DXF,WMF,EMF,EPS and AI, are supported by most CAD applications that use vector graphics, such as AutoCAD and Corel Draw. There are viewing tools like zooming, scrolling and color selection...
Keywords: RasterVect; Business; Calculation; Unit conversion; RasterVect; Raster Vect
Downloads: 139
[software]SI-Metric Kids - http://www.butterflyvista.com/SIMKids/SIMKids.htm
This program enables you to convert between the US and metric systems, and allows for time zone conversions. Also included with the program is an extensive encyclopedia of all the units. SI-Metric Kids features liquid, distance, area, weight, temperature, and time zone measurement categories. We've integrated an extensive unit and time zone encyclopedia that shows you the origins and history of each of the units.
Keywords: SI-Metric Kids; Business; Calculation; Unit conversion; SI-Metric Kids
Downloads: 47
[software]NetZoom for Visio 2003 - http://www.AltimaTech.com
This program allows users to create network designs, network documentation, presentations and proposals in the diagramming applications Microsoft Visio and NetZoom Solutions. The program includes over 60,000 shapes of computer network, telecommunications, wireless, Internet, power, storage and other infrastructure-related equipment representing products from more than 1200 equipment manufacturers.
Keywords: NetZoom for Visio 2003; Business; Calculation; CAD; NetZoom
Downloads: 294
[software]Showcalc Tape Calculator - http://www.showcalc.com
This is a Windows calculator with a scrolling tape so you can check your work. It has a huge range of functions including scientific, tax, and a unit conversion facility. The scrolling tape display can be customized.
Keywords: Showcalc Tape Calculator; Business; Calculation; Scientific calculators; Showcalc Tape Calculator
Downloads: 208
[software]AD Geometrical calculator - http://www.avlandesign.com
This tool makes calculations of an object's mass and volume with a complex configuration and standard structures. You select the material and density. Calculations consist of several diverse parts and apertures.
Keywords: AD Geometrical calculator; Business; Calculation; Miscellaneous calculators; ad; geometrical; calculator
Downloads: 130
[software]Gab's Calculator - http://www.geocities.com/gabsprog
This is both a simple standard calculator and a high-powered trigonometric calculator. It has a clean interface and it's easy to switch from simple to complex operations. It also comes in at under 1MB.
Keywords: Gab's Calculator; Business; Calculation; Generic calculators; math; mathematics; calc; calculator
Downloads: 47
[software]Interest Calculator - http://www.markosoft.net
This program allows you to calculate interest including payment amount, length of loan, daily interest and savings interest. The Interest Calculator can also be used to print or preview detailed amortization schedules.
Keywords: Interest Calculator; Business; Calculation; Loan calculators; Interest Calculator
Downloads: 87
[software]RS232 Monitor - http://www.evmsoft.com
This is software for communication with peripheral devices using RS-232 interface. It allows you to receive and transmit data through the COM port. Configure any COM port properties (e.g. set DTR, RTS levels, CTS, DSR sensitivity). Available data formats are: ASCII, HEX, BIN, DECIMAL and FLOAT (IEEE 754). It also offers the capability to send files and transmit data periodically.
Keywords: RS232 Monitor; Business; Calculation; Unit conversion; RS232 Monitor
Downloads: 272
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